A quote from Participant: Field Notes from Here and Now, p.41.

“Our local forests are full of large rocks. I can’t help but climb over them, jump from one to another, and enjoy the view they provide. Early in Luke, I read that God can turn stones into children of Abraham. In the next chapter, the Devil tells Jesus to turn stones into bread. I live in the twenty-first century. I know that of all that has been discovered about them, stones are not likely to turn into children or turn into bread. Yet I sit on a large rock in the forest and am reminded by the Gospel during Lent that I live in a world that is not limited by what we think we might know in this century.”

One thought on “A Paragraph for Lent

  1. Rocks also may provide witness to the lives of those who have gone before. During my teen years of hunting my grandfather always sat on Griz’s rock in deer season. I can still see him sitting on his rock in his yellow vested small game field jacket, with several layers of wool underneath. Perched in 10^ weather from dawn to dusk waiting on the wily whitetail. Gramps harvested a fair number of deer from his perch, as did my uncles, my dad, numerous cousins, and me, but it always was and always will be Griz’s rock. Even the mental picture brings a smile to my face and my spirit is lifted by remembering this deeply practical, deeply spiritual man who impacted so many by his gentle nature, his firm conviction, and extravagant generosity despite his meager resources. As a boy I remember folks, even family, making fun of his generosity, but his heart of love and giving deeply etched my young heart for I could see the joy it brought him. Besides, none of the scoffers have a rock in the heart of the forest that witness to the joy of a life well lived. Perhaps I will take a day during Lent and visit Griz’s rock and marvel at the joy of remembrance.

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