“Lent suggests life is more like a narrative than an outline. It does not remove blurry lines. Lent may provide some answers, but also new questions. Lent allows topics to overlap with one another. Although it is a temptation to separate one from the other. Lent reminds us of the reality that everyday topics intersect with big picture topics. We seem to have a natural inability to balance our focus of the kingdom of heaven with the details of earth. We are not to solve these dilemmas. Instead, we accept them and encourage others to see reality, to recognize the kingdom in the midst of these mundane and ordinary parts of our schedules. Lordship and dominion intersect with everyday tasks. The Word of the Lord meets the ink of our Day-timer.”

Participant: Field Notes from Here and Now, p.49

2 thoughts on “Life is Like a Narrative

  1. Well said brother. I can remember early in my faith walk struggling to experience Christ with little sense of actually hearing Him. After banging my head against this self imposed glass ceiling I grew weary and resigned myself to having a distant relationship with Christ, as if He was this elusive uncle who did not seem to receive MY invitations, along with my conditions, for a relationship. After all, I wanted “my house” to be tidy and the dirty laundry hidden away in the hamper before He came to visit. However, I felt as if He did not want to see me yet. Hopefully, I kept up with the disciplines of prayer, study, and going forth to work through most of the things He seemed to call me to. Then, in the midst of the mundane as you call it, I began to see Christ. It was as if the fog began to fade and the patch work of sight through broken glass became more clear as I saw Christ working in the lives of my friends and colleagues and I then discovered that Christ was also working in me. It was the every day things of holding a hurt daughter, encouraging a friend, being encouraged, being called to forgive, singing a praise song in the car, watching the sun break over the mountain in a spectacular display of orange and purple flames, and learning to actually listen with empathy. I pondered what had changed and realized that I had finally accepted HIs invitation on His terms and I allowed Him to be with me where I was, warts and all. As this unveiling began I sensed that Christ was conversing with me all along, but I just could not recognize Him. Today, I still put obstacles in my relationship with Christ, however it is easier to see that I wandered into the brambles and I am generally quicker to ask forgiveness and call for help to turn to the right path. Thanks for making me again aware that Christ is in the every day things of life.

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