The Orvis catalog arrived today. Of course, its true intent is to sell stuff. I am sure Orvis, like any other catalog, desires for me to page through the book, decide there are several things I cannot live without, and realize that only Orvis can provide these things for me. However, this catalog also introduced Orvis endorsed places including Blackberry Farm.

Being a lover of words, I loved the way Jeff Brooks spoke of “The Artisans of Blackberry Farm.”

 I like to think of them as fog burners, the folks who rise before the sun and find themselves working the land as the fog burns off the rivers and creeks and ponds. It is as if the wild turkeys call, warblers sing, and blue herons soar just for them – a quiet, gentle welcome into the world that moves at such a faster pace once the sun fully rises. Fog burners: the gardeners, the farmers, the bakers and chefs, the beekeepers, the dog wranglers, the hunters, the anglers, the peace-seekers…

I don’t plan to purchase anything, but I am looking forward to the next catalog. I hope Jeff Brooks writes about Blackberry Farm.

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