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The older I get the more I realize how opinionated I am becoming. I even form strong opinions about things that don’t matter much. One of these is about award shows. (Seriously, does anyone else think this is simply marketing disguised as entertainment)? I have friends who love them. I know people who throw parties on award show night. I am that guy sitting in the corner wondering when real entertainment will ever make a comeback. 

If there have to be award shows, why do we give so many? Let’s just give awards that matter. I think we can narrow it down to one award. One hit song will not get you mentioned. One great performance will not earn you a nomination. Let’s give the award to someone who has done it again and again. Someone who has given years of performance that shapes, influences, and entertains. I understand that no one would go for this idea, we can’t just give the awards to Betty White and Willie Nelson every year. 

I realize that some may think my opinions are a bit over the top. But I do struggle with the people that are put in front of us as people to admire and imitate. I can’t understand what makes the masses stand in line to be amused by trivial stuff that will be out of season next year. 

There are people to admire. There are people it would be worthwhile to imitate. But these people do not get invited to news shows, they don’t become internet sensations, they aren’t interviewed by journalists. No one gives out awards to people for their integrity or humility or their ability to do the right thing for a long time. 

On wiser days, we might check to see what the Bible says. As it turns out, the Bible is full of people who aren’t very heroic. Check the resumes of these people, they lie and cheat and commit adultery. It almost seems like the Bible does this on purpose. We don’t get a lot of people to admire. Instead, what we find in the Bible is a lot of God. When one of these people fall, God picks them up. We start to realize these stories aren’t about floods and giants and lions and big fish, these are stories about God. 

The Bible doesn’t want us to become roadies for some heroic spiritual superstars. The Bible doesn’t let us celebrate one good hit along the way or allow us to follow religious celebrities. Instead, we are encouraged for a long-haul journey with God.

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