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After the singing of Exodus 15 we discover a problem. A lack of water (interesting in light of the fact we literally just walked through walls of water). Short version of the story, Moses throws a stick into bitter water and it becomes sweet. While we are curious about that stick and wonder if we could replicate that feat, the text is content with “If God can part the sea and rescue slaves from the Egyptian army of course He can make bitter water sweet.” Then, while we are still dazzled by the taste of sweet water, the Lord speaks.

It is of interest that the Lord refers to Himself as “your healer.” Not only is the Lord a healer, but “your healer.” It is as though healing a company of slaves has become the primary mission of the Lord. The text unleashes on the world not only One who can sweeten bitter water, but One who can counter the diseases of the empire.

Exodus takes us from a place called bitterness to a resort in Elim where there are twelve springs of water and seventy date palms. From grumbling to a place of rest. From testing and quarreling to a place of refreshment. And we did not find these on our own.


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