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Last Sunday, the Patriot News shared an article citing the American Academy of Pediatrics and the recommendation for playing outside. Here is a list of benefits for children;

*Better school performance. Time spent in nature and increased fitness improve cognitive function.

*More creativity. Outdoor play uses and nurtures the imagination.

*Much higher levels of fitness. Kids are more active when they are outdoors.

*More friends. Children who organize their own games and participate in unstructured group activities are less solitary and learn to interact with their peers.

*Less depression and hyperactivity. Time in nature is soothing, improves mood and reduces stress. It can also increase kids’ attention span, because things move at a slower pace than they do on the screen.

*Stronger bones. Exposure to natural light helps prevent vitamin D deficiency, making outdoorsy children less vulnerable to bone problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health issues.

*Improved eyesight. Time spent outdoors can help combat increasing diagnoses of nearsightedness.

*Better sleep. Exposure to natural light, and lots of physical activity, help reset a child’s natural sleep rhythms.

*A longer life span and healthier adult life. Active kids are more likely to grow into active adults.


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