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Kind words about Participant: Field Notes from Here and Now from Dr. Layne Lebo, senior pastor at Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church (locally known as McBic). Thanks Layne!

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m biased because I know Randy well, because he allowed me to read this book chapter by chapter as it was being written and because I love his many references to Central PA. Having said all of that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Beginning with Advent, Randy walks through the Christian year interweaving observations about nature, people, and his surroundings with Scripture and theology. The sub-title, Field Notes from Here and Now, points to the blend of current observations that point toward eternity. At one point Randy critiques systematic theology and suggests that a systemic theology would be more beneficial in many ways, that is what he does in the book, looking at nature, human experience and observation, the Christian year and Scripture as a systemic whole. Reading Participant reminded me of the importance of staying attuned to my surroundings and to God’s presence in my surroundings.


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Just wanted to inform you that Westbow Press, a Division of Thomas Nelson Publishers has developed a website to promote the book Participant: Field Notes from Here and Now. Take a look at it, for the next week they are asking me for feedback to see if it is easy to navigate and whether it provides helpful information about the book.
They have asked me to tell my friends to post the website on facebook, twitter, or any social media venues that you might use. I will not be keeping score as to who does this and who does not.
Thanks in advance for checking out the page and passing it along! Here is the link

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